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AccuClean™ Protein Detection Surface Samplers

Intended Use
AccuClean is intended to be used as a simple method to determine the cleanliness of food contact surfaces and equipment. The user simply rubs the sampler's tip across a surface, places the sampler back in its cartridge and activates the test by depressing the plunger through the cartridge. After 10 minutes, the sampling tip is compared to a color chart to gauge the level of protein detected.
The Test
AccuClean determines cleanliness by detecting any protein residuces and simple sugars (monosaccharides) left behind from previously processed food and liquids. If no protein or sugar is detected, the liquid in the swab will turn green to indicate the surface is clean. A color change to gray indicates some protein and/or sugar has been detected, and light to dark purple indicates increasing amounts of detected protein and/or sugar.
The Procedure
1.   Remove the sampler from the cartridge and test a surface or piece of       equiment. On dry surface, use the moisturizer supplied with the kit to moisten       the sampler or surface before testing. To sample, crisscross a 4 x 4 inch (10 x       10 cm) portion of the surface. For best results, sample in a black-and-forth       motion within the test area as illustrated.
2.   Return the yellow plunger to the blue cartridge. Shake the caritage at least four       times and wait 10 minutes. Note; if the disc changes to purple, there is on need       to wait the full 10 minutes.
A color change will occur within the small disc located at the bottom of the cartriage's cup. To best interpret the test's result, insert the cup into the hole in the color chart provided with the tests.